The Entire Way Your Customers Engage, Learn, Shop, Evaluate and Buy Has Changed, and 80% of Sales & Marketing Organizations Aren't Keeping Pace.

It used to be that marketing's primary job was to "set 'em up," and sales' job was to "bring them in". Marketing was succesful when they built awareness, generated leads and created a strong presence for salespeople to do their job. For most companies, marketing has improved tremendously in creating content and generatings leads, but those efforts are not translating to closed sales and bottom line improvements.

Research from CSO shows that the percentage of sales reps hitting quota continues to decline and today is in the low 50's (despite record economic performance). B2B sales today is too complicated to be managed by salespeople alone. Companies can no longer afford to "put marketing in a corner." Without exceptional marketing working through the full funnel and integrated throughout the entire sales process, salespeople are operating at only a fraction of their effectiveness. This means that companies are spending more money, seeing longer sales cycles and experiencing more disruption than ever before.

Yet there are companies who have changed the game. They're building strong sales teams, embracing modern demand generation and integrating marketing throughout their revenue generation process. They're seeing shorter sales cycles, faster growth and lower costs.

Join us on January 24, 2018 at 2 pm ET when we share the inside secrets on what these companies are doing differently. In The 3 Places Where Exceptional Marketing is the Difference Between Making the Sale...or Not, we'll share:

  • The roadmap to client alignment.
  • How to utilize marketing to double the impact and results your salespeople produce.
  • Where and how to apply important marketing actions in your sales process to generate shorter sales cycle times, higher closing rates and higher prices.
Plus, we'll answer any questions you have.  Don't miss this webinar!